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Are you or a loved one between the ages of 50 to 80 years old? If you are younger than 80 years old, do you receive social security, disability, or medicare? If you answered yes, you may qualify for $30,000 in final expense insurance for only pennies a day.

Average Funeral Expenses

The average funeral costs around $11,000, and social security only pays $255 leaving your loved ones to pay the balance. Call 1-800-333-8818 now to see if you qualify for $30,000 in funeral expense coverage from Senior Legacy Life to help cover not only funeral expenses, but also any outstanding debts that you may have.

Your rate will never increase, your benefits will never decrease, and there is no medical exam even if you have a pre-existing disease or illness.

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Don’t be a financial burden to your family. Lock in your rate by completing an application over the phone right now. Will you qualify for funeral insurance up to $30,000 for only pennies a day?

Find out by calling Senior Legacy Life at 1-800-333-8818.

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