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From Our TV Commercials

The Senior Legacy Life Brand Connects Insurance-Minded Consumers with Insurance IMO’s and Agents

Test up to 100 inbound insurance TV calls for free.*

Our final expense TV commercial is currently generating thousands of inbound calls per week. Callers are requesting final expense coverage after viewing the commercial.

Independent Marketing Organizations

Senior Legacy Life TV commercials are created and managed to help your organization fulfill its “promotional” element of marketing insurance products. As a leader in direct response TV specializing in reaching the adults 50+ market, our commercials drive hundreds of thousands of calls to IMO’s for senior-targeted insurance products.

Here’s How It Works:


Insurance IMO’s create an account, which lets us know in which states you have licensed agents available.


We buy TV inventory to run our insurance and life settlement commercials nationally.


A consumer sees a Senior Legacy Life commercial, advertising either final expense, children’s whole life, or life settlement.


The consumer calls an 800 number and our call routing platform forwards the call directly to you.

Which products does your organization sell?

Final Expense

If your IMO sells final expense insurance in multiple states, get ready to tap in to one of the largest TV campaigns airing at the moment. As a testament to quality, our average call typically exceeds 20 minutes and close rates of 1 in 5 are not uncommon.

Call 1-800-500-3222 to get started!

Life Settlement: Sell Your Insurance Policy

Do your agents sell life settlement contracts? Allowing consumers to sell some or all of a life insurance policy has a strong pull on TV.

Join us in generating high quality inbound TV calls in the life settlement vertical. Call 1-800-500-3222 to discuss the opportunity.

Children’s Whole Life Insurance

What does a trivia game show host and baby food have in common? Not much, but somehow it’s become the face of children’s whole life insurance over the past 20 years. We’re here to change all of that. It’s “out with the old, in with the new” time.

If your IMO wants to go pro, targeting adults 60+ for the sale of life insurance for their grandchildren (and children), let’s talk. We have a unique TV opportunity that could propel your brand beyond that of Blueberry Buckle.

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